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November SF Neural Net Meetup

This is the video from November’s San Francisco Neural Network Aficionados meetup where Dave Sullivan demoed a Salesforce.com business use case for recurrent neural networks, a 3d word vector cloud, and discussed a wide variety of topics related to neural networks in practice. Apologies ahead of time for all the moving around with the video…

Big data week in NYC

I’m in New York for Strata, the big Big Data event. Pretty good turn out, all of the usual suspects + some unusual suspects are here. So what’s the new new thing in data science? Where are things now and where are things headed? Well, read on for one guy’s opinion…

Oracle and SAP were there. They’re in for a tough time. They’ve got huge sales channels and a solid product lineup for today’s world. Tomorrow’s world though… They’re going to have to come up with something more interesting than in-memory databases if ...

A talk on Ersatz & NNs

I host a meetup called San Francisco Neural Network Aficionados and I spoke last night (6/26/13) about Ersatz and using it for building convolutional neural nets for image recognition. It also gives the whole back story on Blackcloud, Ersatz, and how we see “Machine Learning as a Service” developing as a product category (currently it’s Ersatz, Bigml, wise.io, and a couple others in this space). Here’s a video of the talk. Skip to 18 minutes in if you want to skip the backstory and get to the ersatz demo. Enjoy.

A couple notes on the ...

Hiring Tech Consultants

Most companies should have some kind of relationship with a technology consultant. This is very different than “the IT guy”—a technology consultant fixes businesses, not printers. But it’s not easy finding the good ones—and I’ll admit, there aren’t very many good ones! Here are our thoughts on what to look for and how to separate the wheat from the chaff (hardly coming from an unbiased source, but hey)

Look for Broad Experience

Even if you’re hiring a consultant for a salesforce.com project, they need to know more than just the force.com platform ...

Ersatz tries day trading

A few months ago, I announced Ersatz, a PaaS for deep learning. When I announced it, it was pretty far from finished—more of a “Hey, I know a bit about deep learning and think it’s going to be a really big deal, I wonder if there would be any interest in hosted software for easily building deep neural nets?” After all, my thinking went, not every company can poach all the deep learning talent like Google can, so maybe it makes ...

Increase Your Bottom Line

Let’s face it—this is a weird economy. Employment continues to be poor in every sector but the technology sector, yet corporate profits are through the roof. What’s going on? Well, mostly we are seeing businesses from every industry implement software that automates what were previously labor intensive tasks. I’m not just talking about robots in factories—I’m talking about market research, document review, accounting and payroll, sales management, etc. Software is allowing businesses to actually do more with less. Some are doing this better than others. Here are some strategies we believe are important for ...

Technologies to watch in 2013

Neural Networks and deep learning

Get ready to see some amazing applications over the next few years involving deep neural networks.

Neural network (NN) learning algorithms are inspired by our understanding of how the brain learns, and they’re being used for practical applications such as speech recognition, object recognition, image retrieval and the ability to recommend products that a user will like. As computers become more powerful, NNs are gradually taking over from simpler machine learning methods. They are already at the heart of a new generation of speech recognition devices—Microsoft and Google are both using them to ...

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